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Average Cost of Roof Replacement

Roof repair or replacement isn’t a project you’re excited to do, rather it’s a tough job that needs to be done when it is time. No matter how much expense you calculate, the average cost of roof replacement will always be a bit higher than your expectations because they are meant to be replaced after decades unless there’s an urgency for cases such as in the situations of leaky roofs and clogged waste disposal.

Appropriate sustentation enhances the visual elegance and prolongs the durability of roofs but in the end, a time will come when you’ll start noticing the wear and tear of its shingles and flashings. And that will be exactly when your cozy homes will need additional care to maintain the structure and integrity of your home.

The average cost of roof replacement is $12,000 with the minimum price range starting from $7,000 to $80,000 which highly depends on the measurement per square foot. In addition, roofing material and the type of building, whether residential or commercial, are also the decisive factors whilst reckoning the expenditure.

average roofing replacement cost

Significant Features to Examine

Several factors need to be considered in the calculation of the average cost of roof replacement. And some of them just can’t be controlled by the homeowners such as geographic location, weather conditions, and the size of the roof. Yes, you can select the roofing material such as GAF Roofing Systems but should be done with careful consideration, guidance, and extensive research.

A roofing square is a term that refers to the area of a roof that measures 10 by 10 feet to make up a total of 100 square feet. This unique measurement serves as a basic tool for your contractor to determine the quantity of material they’ll need to mend the roofing.

Other factors such as the number of days required to restore the roof, supplies, shielding materials, waste disposal, and labor must be included in the quantification of expenditure.

1. Roof Size and Pitch

The cost for supplies, permits, and labor is determined by the size of the roof which is subjected to escalation depending on the steepness. The maintenance of flat-surfaced roofing is tricky as it requires extra support for its navigation. The pitch determines the type of structures that need to be installed beneath the shingles which is an extra addition to the expenses. Besides, the shape of the pitch can modify the charges of the roofing square. For instance, the average price of roof shingles for 1000 square feet can range up to $5,000.

2. Roof Material

The average cost of each roofing material is different, ranging from asphalt shingles to copper, aluminum, or clay which requires a handsome amount of investment. The choice of shingles and roofing material largely impacts the overall estimated amount for repair or reroofing of your house. Splurging on luxurious and fancy roofs is your choice which adds an appealing value to the house aesthetics and captures all the stares you desire.

3. House Storeys

The greater the number of house stories, more the time and effort are required which also increases the number of supplies needed to replace the roof. For example, if your house is a single-story building, the amount of labor spent on it would be less as compared to that spent in a multiple-story building in a way that would require repeated climbing and additional labor effort. Moreover, if your home is surrounded by stone foundations or plantings, the cost can be increased as access to the roof will be limited only to the places where the ladders can reach safely.

How to Calculate the Average Cost of Roof Replacement?

It is highly dependent on the types of roof materials used. This simple guide would be helpful to ease the calculations which covers the most cost-effective material to the splendid ones. For every 2000 square feet roof of your residential or commercial building, the average price range could be:

  • Asphalt shingles = $8,000 - $17,000
  • Galvanized steel = $14,000 - $30,000
  • Cedar shakes = $14,000 - $32,000
  • Concrete tiles = $15,000 - $40,000
  • Aluminum = $16,000 - $34,000
  • Slate tiles = $19,000 - $52,000
  • Clay = $22,000 - $50,000
  • Copper = $42,000 - $80,000

Average roofing cost calculations

The calculation for the average cost is essential to stabilize your financial burden because the process isn’t child’s play. All the materials, supplies, and most importantly, labor costs can be disruptive to citizens who earn a mediocre monthly income. Besides, giving thought to partial or full roof replacement is also a factor to consider. If the damaged roof covers an area that is less than 100 square feet, a general rule of thumb suggests avoiding its repair until you observe noteworthy yet risky factors such as leaky roofs, distorted shingles, damaged decks, ridges, or flashing.

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