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Metal Roof Contractors

Are you tired of those traditional asphalt shingles and planning to replace them with modernized metallic luster? There is no need to search here and there as Only Roofing's metal roof contractors are ready to instill your homes with absolute comfort and tranquility that you've never experienced!

With a track record of serving a great many home and business owners in Texas and surrounding areas, we visualize your land properties as ours to put the same sincere efforts into turning your buildings into a safe home where all the structural components ensure a sense of mental relaxation for decades by making your residential and commercial buildings repellant towards undesired foreign elements while maximizing the reduction of structural deteriorations that could be much worse than a nightmare!

Why Should You Choose Metal Roofs?

Residential or commercial metal roofing is among the finest choices for almost all climatic conditions and residential areas. The durability and resistance of metal shingles against unfriendly components make them withstand up to 80 years and even exceed a century. In addition, they offer low maintenance with excellent energy efficiency, which is long-lasting and adaptable to customized detailing and modifications.

Only Roofing in Texas offers a diversified range of premium products and services accommodated with all sorts of building designs. Our crew of roof repair specialist is adept in installing various systems that perfectly blend in congruence with minimum and steepest slopes as well as a variety of other construction and architectural applications.

Explore the Different Types of Metal Roofs

The foremost concern of our metal roof contractors is to provide detailed information about the home project of your choice. Anyone who can afford to switch to metallic roofing must go for it. Indeed, it requires a high upfront investment which is worthwhile because traditional repair and replacement requires regular maintenance after a small duration.

Suppose you calculate the installation, repair, or replacement cost of typical roofing. In that case, its amount will exceed the one-time investment required for efficient metallic roofing.

There's a vast pool of different types of metal roofs while selecting the most appropriate one for the exterior protective crown of your home and workplace. Standard options include corrugated metal, aluminum, steel, copper, tin, and zinc.

If you wish to replace your home's roofs with amalgamated metal shingles, please consult our pro roofers so we can reach a justified conclusion.

Exposed fasteners, metal shakes, metal shingles, metal tiles, standing seams, stamped metal roofing, stone-coated metal roofing, and vertical seams are some options you can choose from.

Metallic Hues of Shingles

Similar to the varied types of metal shingles, there are many shades from which you can choose, such as gray, white, blue, brown, red, green, and beige.

Metallic Hues of Shingles

Seeking professional help from our metal roof contractors is recommended to understand the complete scope of available options because they can assist you in sorting out which type of roof will suit your residential or commercial properties best.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roof is gaining popularity because of its homogenous uniformity in the metal panels. These are installed vertically from the ridge (or peak) of the top down to the eaves, which join the seams raised above the roofing level.

Hiring professional metal roof contractors is essential to make your properties combat weathering and erosion. Unlike conventional roofing materials, metallic roofs are lustrous yet fire-resistant; they will neither erode, crack, or collapse. Their longevity is multiplied three to four times compared to traditional shingles.

Many roofing contractors emphasize the installation of metal shingles because they offer high efficiency by reflecting the Sun'sSun's harmful ultraviolet rays. This feature enables the reduced utilization of air conditioning systems, another reason for their popularity.

Metal Roofing: A Cost-Effective Solution for Your Home

With our professional roofing expertise, you can make the most of the following exquisite advantages:

1. Increased Lifespan

The average lifespan of metal roofs is at least three times that of the classical shingles subjected to deterioration with corrosion, strong winds, and temperature extremes. The durability of such roofing is sturdy enough to resist the harshness of climatic fluctuations.

2. Effortless Maintenance

One of the main reasons why metal roof contractors suggest the installation of these sturdy is that it requires minimum effort to regulate the optimal functioning by periodically investigating the roof, sealants, and gaskets.

3. Fire-Resistance

The ability of aluminum roof shingles to fight against unfortunate events of catching flares enables you to enjoy a significant reduction in homeowners insurance premiums. However, contacting your insurance agent shall provide you with a final answer.

4. Easy Installation

The installation of metallic or steel shingles is quite convenient compared to that for others. However, if not appropriately placed may distort the entire roofing appearance. Therefore, we recommend that you employ trustworthy and affordable roofers who certify compliance with the local building codes of your state.

5. Reduced Energy Costs

As already discussed, it is best to equip your living place with the best protective factors that save you on bills and shield your house against UV rays.

Metal Roof Contractors: Our Skills Speak for Itself!

Only Roofing comprises a team of highly experienced and skilled metal roof contractors committed to providing the finest yet reasonable services to our customers, trade partners, and end users. We guarantee professional teamwork through mutual discussion because your roofing preferences are our priorities.

Together we can transform your home into a safe haven. Call us now!