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Power Vent Roof

The construction industry is always on-the-go while progressing to compete with the modern advancements of this century. A power vent roof is one such of the robust innovations that can be installed in your place. Only Roofing is a family of top roofers in Texas, ensuring that your home is well-ventilated enough to provide the heavenly comfort and energy efficiency you seek.

Our dedicated team of experienced roofing professionals aims to instill your residential and commercial properties with abundant air circulation, which is mandatory to tackle the unwelcoming weather fluctuations in your locality. The role played by a well-ventilated roof is enough to combat the premature deterioration of the roofing materials, including the accumulation of water in the roof or attic space that ultimately gets building up in the walls, causing water stains, bulges, and one of the worst nightmares – leaky ceilings and roofs.

Power Vents for Roof – A Comprehensive Overview

The popularity of a power vent roof and power attic vent is all because of its effective and efficient mechanism that comes up with several benefits to create a lively, enjoyable, and peaceful house environment.

A roofing power vent is also referred to as a powered attic ventilator. It is a system installed in your home roofs to expel warm and humid air from the attic space. The efficiency of this system is equipped with motorized fans that actively welcome fresh air inside while simultaneously exhausting hot and stale air – the concept behind this attic power vent is exactly the opposite of the mechanism of passive vents that rely on natural winds, such as thermal buoyancy.

Another remarkable feature of power roof vent installation is the amiable working capacity of both thermostats and humidistats, capable of infusing your living place with automated ventilation.

Installation of a Roof Power Vent

The contractors and highly-skilled working staff of Only Roofing have been serving the people of Texas and surrounding areas for many years – providing them with constructional durability and stability with guaranteed results that last for decades.

A roof power vent installation requires the expertise of professionals because they are proficient enough to ensure their placement and functionality that suits the structural architecture of your dream house.

Besides providing prime-quality services, we believe in the strength of knowledge that all homeowners must possess before hiring trustworthy contractors for the well-furnished construction of their homes. A brief explanation of how a power vent roof should be installed is described as follows:

1. Roofing Evaluation

Highly trained and qualified roofing contractors begin their job by investigating the problem and looking for the need to install power vents for ample attic ventilation. After that, the need to determine the appropriate size and number of power roof vent fans to install. The climate of your locality, roof pitch, and attic size are important factors to name during this assessment process.

2. Roof Preparation

The roof should be well-prepared before starting any required repair or replacement. Appropriate openings or ducts must be carved in the roof to accommodate power vent fans. Optimized placement of fans for strategic airflow is the main target to achieve.

3. Power Vent Fans Installation

Make sure to mount the powered roof vent blowers in the prepared openings in a well-secured manner. Such fans are made with durable materials, utilizing the finest quality or high-grade plastic to withstand various climatic changes. One such example of a power vent cooler is a GAF power attic vent.

4. Electric Wiring

A power vent roof relies on the genuineness of electric wiring, which is paramount to its appropriate execution. Hiring only licensed electricians is recommended because they can certify the best connection between thermostats and humidistats.

5. Testing

Once the steps mentioned above are accomplished, it is time to check the overall functionality of the installed vents to check if all the components are working properly. Not only electricians but it is also the job of the roofing contractors to mutually work and keep verifying the overall performance, such as the automatic power off and on the mechanism of the vent fans concerning the temperature and humidity levels.

6. Monitoring and Surveillance

It is mandatory to check the performance of the power vent roof regardless of the effortlessness they offer. It helps in the early identification of errors and defects, if any, so that they can be repaired on time with minimum or no investment.

Why Should You Invest in a Powered Vent Roof?

Investing in a power vent roof is a wise choice homeowners can make because, along with ever-lasting ventilation, your house will reap the following benefits while simultaneously keeping the occurrence of damages as far away as possible.

1. Prolonged Roof Lifespan

An efficient power vent roof system offers a prolonged roofing life that significantly reduces the chances of premature roof replacement and the degradation of roofing materials.

Prolonged Roof Lifespan

2. Moisture Hindrance

Structural issues, such as fungal growth and wood rot, are common when water accumulates in the roof and attic space, compromising the house's ventilation system. The installation of power vents expels moist air outside. It brings fresh air inside, maintaining a healthy and pleasant home environment.

3. Temperature Maintenance

Instead of increasing or decreasing the temperature, the power vent roof focuses on achieving a balanced state of equilibrium that feels friendly in all weather conditions. Otherwise, the attic would become a hot summer oven and an igloo in winter.

4. Ice Dams

The formation of ice dams and caps on the home roof is common in frigid climates. Upon melting, this ice can lead to water seepage and potential damage. The powered roofing system is an obstacle in developing ice dams for your home's exterior crown.

Only Roofing is Just a Call Away!

If you're searching for ideas on enhancing the aesthetics and durability of your commercial and residential properties, know that Only Roofing is just a call away. Our representatives are awaiting your calls and emails, so you'll be directed to us for a consultation to get expert advice on installing a power vent roof and the pool of cutting-edge advantages that come with it. Our qualified and experienced team is always ready to assist you with excellent customer service anytime and anywhere!