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Replacing Soffit

Replacing soffit of your home isn't a single project because its installation is intermingled with friendly ties between siding, soffit and fascia. If these words baffle you, Only Roofing is here to explain the details as we firmly believe in the provision of appropriate knowledge along with discussing your plans before beginning the construction of either residential or commercial properties.

Fascia and soffits are the architectural elements that add much more than aesthetic value to your home. The part of the overhang that bridges the gap between the roof and the sidings of your home is called soffit, while fascia is the exposed front board alongside the edge of the overhang. Together these two integral structures ensure ample air circulation in the entire living space of your residence.

You might neglect the importance of replacing the soffit until the outcome of wear and tear due to exposure to extreme weather conditions, and many other factors indicate severe damage. In addition to noticing the apparent damaging signs, you may start feeling that the air quality of your place is being compromised. It leads to the deterioration of soffit panels, necessitating professional soffit replacement.

Why Choose Us for Roofing Processes?

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With years of experience, the Only Roofing family comprises professionally skilled and trained personnel dedicated to delivering outstanding results, exceeding your expectations. Prioritizing the structural and functional integrity of your home is our utmost goal. Reliable delivery of transparent communication and personalized solutions are tailored to your needs. Throughout the construction process, we'll never miss the chance to let you witness the sky-high standards of our craftsmanship.

Replacing Soffit: A Guide to Making a Difference!

Our dedicated team of professionals recognizes the significance of visually appealing architecture that demonstrates your style while protecting your investments. The installation of prime quality soffit ceiling enhances your home's functionality while aligning with your preferences in the best possible manner.

Replacing soffit and fascia goes hand-in-hand. You can't replace soffits alone without looking after the health of fascia and siding. There must be some detrimental indications, such as moisture damage favoring fungal, mold, or mildew breed, that have compelled you to call for roof soffit repair.

This step-by-step guide is a way to ensure that the process of replacing soffit is being carried out appropriately as it should. Don't forget to guard yourself with personal protection equipment.

1. Remove Mold Shingles

A flat bar is used to pry the narrow shingle mold from the fascia. It can be reused afterward if it comes without splitting.

2. Remove Deteriorated Fascia

The rotted section of the fascia must be removed to replace soffit. However, surrounding roofing shingles or flashings shouldn't be damaged, or else it would add to the financial burden.

3. Detach Old Soffit

The old soffits must be forced down for detachment because that place may have served as a habitat for rodents, causing perforations in the panels and ceilings.

Detach Old Soffit

4. Rotted Rafter

Cut a replacement piece from pressure-treated lumber and chop the rotted rafter with a reciprocating saw. It's a process that adds life to the durability of the wood.

5. Cleat Attachment

The attachment of cleats to the fresh roof overhangs is mandatory to support the new installation. For this purpose, a powder-actuated nailer attaches cleats to a brick chimney.

6. New Rafters

The rafter is screwed after clamping a 1-by backing board in place. Screw the rafter to the chimney cleat as well.

7. Application of Sealant

Applying sealants is a great way to prevent water accumulation as it protects the edges of the plywood soffit from moisture.

8. Soffit Replacing

Priming the top and bottom surfaces fastens the plywood soffit to the underside of the eave – overhang on the roofs.

9. Crown Molding Replacement

Replace the section of crown molding along the house's wall directly beneath the new soffit's rear edge.

10. New Fascia

Galvanized nails ensure proper sliding of the new fascia into place.

11. Shingle Attachment

The new shingle is attached at the top of the fascia using a measuring tape for accurate positioning.

Soffit Replacement: Book Your Slot Now!

Only Roofing is looking forward to beautifying your home's aesthetic appeal and protection. Our representatives anticipate your call to assess and buckle up for the journey towards restoring and replacing soffit to optimize the quality of air circulation with reliable, efficient, and high-quality expertise that adds remarkable value to modify your home's appeal.