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Tips to Remove Snow from Your Commercial Flat Roof

Winter brings picturesque snowfall, but it also brings the responsibility of managing snow accumulation, especially on commercial flat roofs. Neglecting snow removal can lead to significant issues like structural damage, leaks, and compromised safety. At Only Roofing, we understand the importance of maintaining your commercial flat roof during winter. In this guide, we'll provide essential tips to remove snow from your commercial flat room, ensuring your canopy stays in optimal condition.

Why Snow Removal is Important

Winter weather can wreak havoc on commercial properties, mainly flat roofs. When snow accumulates on these rooftops, it may begin to melt and seep into cracks and crevices where moisture pools, leading to leakage inside buildings and water damage in general. That's why it's crucial to promptly and properly remove snow from your flat roof.

Ideas for Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal

1. Raking Method

When it comes to ice removal on commercial flat roofs, employing the raking method is a prudent approach. Utilizing a specialized snow rake, gently pull off accumulated ice from the ground level. This technique ensures that your rooftop remains clear without subjecting it to unnecessary stress. By carefully guiding the rake, you not only preserve your roof's structural integrity but also prevent potential damage that heavy ice accumulation can cause.

2. Shovel Method

For instances of heavier snowfall, the shovel method proves invaluable. Carefully wield a shovel, always being mindful of your roof's surface. Opting for plastic shovels is a wise choice in this scenario. These roof-friendly tools significantly reduce the risk of damaging the roofing material, ensuring it stays intact and unharmed. By using plastic shovels, you take proactive steps to safeguard your rooftop while efficiently clearing away the ice.

3. Steamers

When faced with thick layers of ice, steamers emerge as a highly effective solution. These devices operate by melting the ice without causing any damage to your rooftop. Steamers are ideal for large-scale snow removal, making them a go-to choice for commercial properties. By utilizing steamers, you not only remove ice efficiently but also prevent the formation of ice dams, a common issue during winter. This proactive approach ensures your canopy remains secure and free from potential ice-related complications.

4. Ice Melter

To combat existing ice and prevent further accumulation, employing commercial ice melters is essential. These specialized products work diligently to 

  • melt existing ice
  • easing its removal 
  • preventing additional build-up

However, it's crucial to choose ice melters designed explicitly for roofing purposes. Avoid rock salt, as it can cause substantial damage to your roof material and harm nearby vegetation. By opting for the right ice melters, you not only protect your rooftop but also maintain the surrounding environment, ensuring a comprehensive approach to ice removal.

When is the Right Time to Remove Snow?

During winter, ice dams can form on various surfaces, including roads and roofs. These dams can cause significant damage and safety hazards. One effective solution for treating existing ice buildup and preventing further accumulation is to apply commercial ice melters. However, it's important to avoid using rock salt as it can potentially damage the roofing material and harm nearby vegetation.

Critical Steps for Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal

  1. Assessment: Inspect the roof's condition, identifying areas with heavy snowfall accumulation or signs of stress.
  2. Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety by using appropriate safety gear, ensuring stable ladders, and avoiding working alone.
  3. Gentle Removal: Remove ice gently to prevent damage. Use soft tools like plastic shovels and snow rakes to minimize the risk of punctures.
  4. Clear Drains and Gutters: Keep drains and gutters clear to prevent water accumulation, ensuring adequate drainage off the rooftop.
  5. Professional Inspection: Consider a professional inspection after snow removal to assess the roof's condition, identifying any potential damage or weak points.

Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal Tips

Here are some essential tips to remove snow from your commercial flat room!

  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly inspect your rooftop during winter to catch snow accumulation early.
  • Early Intervention: Remove ice promptly after each snowfall to prevent excessive weight on the rooftop.
  • Avoid Salting: Refrain from using salt, which can damage roofing materials. Opt for roof-friendly ice melters.
  • Professional Assistance: For extensive snow accumulation or challenging conditions, seek professionals like Only Roofing for snow removal services.
  • Proper Tools: Use appropriate tools like snow rakes and plastic shovels designed for roof use.
  • Clear Pathways: Ensure safe access to the roof and clear pathways for workers to avoid accidents.
  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular ice removal sessions to prevent build-up and potential damage.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Have a plan for ice removal during heavy snowfall or storms to prevent emergencies.
  • Document Damage: Document any damage noticed during snow removal for insurance purposes.
  • Professional Roofing Partner: Establish a relationship with a professional roofing service like Only Roofing for expert advice and reliable services.

Only Roofing: Your Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal Experts

Winter season demands that we take appropriate precautions to safeguard the integrity and safety of our rooftops, in particular, any snow accumulation on them. To avoid potential accidents or property damage and ensure optimal conditions for snow removal services. If snow accumulation becomes extensive or challenging conditions prevail, professional assistance should be sought as quickly as possible. 

Moreover, proper tools such as snow rakes and plastic shovels explicitly designed for roof use can help ensure its safety and longevity. Remember to clear pathways and walkways leading to the roof for added protection. Trust us to keep your rooftops clear and your business secure during winter. Contact Only Roofing today and experience peace of mind with a well-maintained flat roof, even in the harshest winter conditions!

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