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What Is The Best Roof for Hail Storms?

Hail storms can cause immense property damage. To be prepared against them as a homeowner, selecting roofing material suitable to withstand hail's damaging force is vital. At Only Roofing, we understand the challenges presented by hailstorms; in this guide, we explore their effects, analyse what is the best roof for hail storms, as well as provide tips to defend against this form of destruction.

Damage from Hail on Roof

Hailstorms can substantially damage roofing materials, compromising their integrity and necessitating costly repairs if addressed. Leaks, insulation issues and expensive repairs could ensue without proper attention being paid; thus, it is critical that an appropriate type of roof, such as one made of steel or aluminium, be chosen so it can withstand hail storms effectively. One such option would be metal roofing, which offers excellent resistance from hailstorm damage.

Seven Best Roofs for Hail Storms

Here are some options for our question: What Is The Best Roof for Hail Storms?

1. Metal Roofs

When it comes to hail resistance, metal roofs shine. Specifically, those crafted from steel or aluminium stand out due to their incredible durability and flexibility. These qualities enable rooftops to withstand hail impact, making them a reliable choice in regions prone to severe storms.

2. Impact-Resistant Shingles

Certain asphalt shingles are engineered with impact resistance in mind. This specialized design makes them a popular choice in areas susceptible to hailstorms. These shingles are fortified to withstand impact, ensuring your rooftop remains intact even in the face of hailstones.

3. Slate or Tile Roofs

Slate and tile roofs boast natural durability that sets them apart. Their solid composition enables them to withstand hail impact better than many other materials. With their robust structure, slate and tile roofs provide dependable protection against hail damage, making them a valuable investment in hail-prone regions.

4. Rubber/EuroShield Roofs

For an eco-friendly and hail-resistant option, consider rubber roofs made from recycled rubber tires. These offer excellent impact resistance, making them a sustainable and durable choice. By choosing them, you contribute to environmental conservation while ensuring your property is safeguarded against hail damage.

5. Tile Roofs

Concrete or clay tile roofs are renowned for their sturdiness, making them a solid choice in areas prone to hailstorms. These tiles resist hail damage, providing reliable protection for your home or business. With their durability, they offer a long-lasting solution against the impact of hail.

6. Class 4 Hail Resistant Metal Roof

Class 4-rated metal roofs have undergone rigorous impact tests, demonstrating exceptional hail resistance. By opting for this, you invest in a roofing solution specifically designed to endure hailstorms. This choice ensures your property is well-protected, even during severe weather conditions.

7. F-Wave Roofs

F-Wave roofing materials combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional resilience. While they mimic the appearance of traditional roofing materials, they are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, including hail. By choosing it, you enhance your property's visual appeal while fortifying it against the challenges of hailstorms.

Choose the Best Materials for Hail Roof

While achieving complete hail-proof roofing is challenging, investing in impact-resistant materials significantly elevates your roof's resilience. Products with a Class 4 rating stand out, offering unmatched protection against hail damage. This exclusive category encompasses metal, rubber, and specific shingles and tiles. By opting for these advanced materials, you ensure your rooftop possesses enhanced durability, minimizing the impact of hailstorms and safeguarding your property effectively.

Metal Roofs - The Best for Hail Storms

Certainly, metal roofs, especially those crafted from steel and aluminium, stand as top contenders for hail-prone regions. Innovative hailstorm-proof solutions exist, including flexible roofing materials with excellent impact resistance that are flexible and robust enough for everyday usage. It is, however, essential to recognize that they may not be your go-to option alone in this arena. Impact-resistant shingles, renowned for their specialized design, as well as sturdy materials like slate and specific tiles, also deliver outstanding protection against hail damage. 

Tips To Protect Your Rooftop From Hail-Storm

1. Regular Inspections

Initiating a proactive approach to roof care is paramount. Schedule regular roof inspections to assess your roof's condition meticulously. By identifying any existing damage promptly, you enable swift repairs, preventing minor issues from escalating into significant concerns. 

2. Choose Impact-Resistant Materials

Elevate your roof's defence against hailstorms by choosing materials engineered to resist impact. Opt for Class 4-rated products, a gold standard in hail-resistant roofing. These materials undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they can endure the onslaught of hailstones without succumbing to damage. 

3. Maintain Overhanging Trees

The natural beauty of overhanging trees can turn problematic during hailstorms. Overhanging branches pose a risk, potentially causing additional damage to your roof. Exercise proactive tree maintenance by trimming overhanging branches regularly. By eliminating this potential hazard, you minimize the risk of branches falling onto your roof during storms.

4. Install Protective Screens

Skylights and vulnerable areas are susceptible targets during hailstorms. Installing hail guards or screens over these delicate spots is a strategic defence mechanism. These protective screens act as shields, minimizing hail damage and ensuring your roof's vulnerable points remain intact. By fortifying these areas, you add an extra layer of protection, enhancing your roof's resilience against hailstorms.

5. Consult Only Roofing

When it comes to hail-resistant roofing solutions, expert guidance is invaluable. Partner with Only Roofing, your trusted advisor in hail-resistant roofing. Our skilled team of professionals specialize in selecting materials best suited to meet the requirements of individual businesses, providing access to decades of knowledge and expertise. We not only recommend the most suitable materials but also provide seamless, professional installations. 

With Only Roofing by your side, you ensure your roof is impeccably fortified against hail storms, offering you unparalleled peace of mind in the face of nature's fury. Don't wait until the next hailstorm hits—contact Only Roofing today for expert advice, top-notch materials, and professional installation!

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