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How Long Do Slate Roofs Last?

Slate is made from a mixture of volcanic ash and clay, making it durable for decades and centuries. Such claims make you wonder about how long slate roofs last. An roof process, particularly with slate tiles or shingles, is mandatory for all sorts of buildings, infusing you and your family member’s mind with easiness and tranquillity because their adorning structures have been known for centuries – a primary choice of roofing material that is a friend to construction since the beginning of human enlightenment.

Besides, its pleasing and eco-friendly nature stands firmly against the harsh strikes of natural disasters, storms, rain, and snowfall. Its fire-resistant property and many other characteristics make slate roofing last long.

The Lifespan of Slate Roof

It depends on various factors if you’re looking for an exact answer (in numbers) to ‘How long do slate roofs last?’. However, the public’s concerns revolve around prolonged durability, the finest quality, and enhanced curb appeal within a reasonable budget. The excellent integration of its beauty and strength makes it stand on the top of the list, which nearly eradicates the likelihood of slate roof replacement – which is only possible if you keep a close eye on the investigation and required roof restoration.

If maintained properly, the typical lifespan of a slate roof is 100 to 150 years. If you’re getting a new home or business building, equipping it with slate roofing while paying close attention to its systematic maintenance, it would be your first and last investment in the building’s exterior renovation. Calculating the amount for a typical roof installation along with its timely upgradation and one-time installation of slate shingles would reveal that the latter is a lifetime investment and an affordable roofing procedure for your residential and commercial properties.

slate roofs last

Step-By-Step Guide: How Long Do Slate Roofs Last?

To make your roof last for more than a century, it is essential to study the following considerable factors that contribute to the deterioration of slate shingles so you can tackle them on time to preserve the structural architecture and integrity of your home:

1. Slate Quality

The markets are full of both authentic suppliers and scammers. Therefore, the quality of the slate you use in building your home must be the premium version that must be dense, less porous, and finely graded to last longer. For instance, Welsh slate has been the favourite choice of almost all architects for centuries.

2. Installation Method

Consult experts to know about how long do slate roofs last and hire the most qualified, experienced, and professional roofers because it is a wise choice to save and invest in this luxurious roofing instead of aiming for achieving short-term goals.

3. Weather Fluctuations

Slate roofs are eco-friendly and resistant to extreme temperatures. They are fire-resistant, impervious to pests, and stand firmly against heavy rainfalls, snow, and storm strikes. Inhabitants of countries with fluctuating weather must install slate tiles because they excellently combat free-thaw cycles – accumulation of snow dams on the roofs and their conversion into water.

4. Maximized Energy Efficiency

With slate roofing, indoor temperatures are regulated effortlessly, reducing electricity costs to cope with excessive heating and cooling. Doing so provides a more comfortable environment and ensures mental relaxation from paying hefty electricity bills.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a homeowner or running a business in the construction industry and real estate dealings, you must be aware of how long do slate roofs last and their substantial advantages, including an additional enhancement in the remarkable aesthetics.

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