Can you put shingles on a flat roof?

Can you put shingles on a flat roof?

At ONLY ROOFING, our mission is to deliver exceptional roofing solutions for residents living in Spring TX, and its surrounding communities. One question we often receive from homeowners in this regard is “Can you put shingles on a flat roof?” Although this question might appear simple enough at first, unfortunately, the answer is “No”. Let’s discuss why shingles and flat roofs don’t mix, as well as find alternative roofing solutions available for flat roofs!

A Shingle Roof Isn’t Right For Flat Roofs: Why?

Asphalt shingles, the go-to choice in roofing material, were created specifically for pitched roofs with a minimum slope of 2:12. This angle ensures water runs off properly from your roof surface without pooling and pool leaks occurring; flat roofs provide no such slope to drain water effectively off, rendering traditional asphalt shingles inappropriate as an option for these roofs.

Here are the primary factors contributing to flat roof shingle issues:

Pooling Water

Shingles were never intended to deal with standing water, deteriorating quickly when constantly exposed to moisture-laden conditions that cause continuous exposure, leading to early roof failure and possible leaks.

Reduced lifespan 

If installed improperly, most warranties on shingles become null and void and any repairs or replacements that arise will fall solely within your responsibility as repairs/replacements due to poor installation are out-of-warranty. This leaves you responsible for any additional repairs/replacements as necessary due to incorrect installation.

Building Code Violations

Most building codes in the US and beyond prohibit installing shingles on roofs that meet only minimum slope requirements; installing them could result in serious harm to both your roof as well as breaking local regulations. Installing them could put residents’ lives in jeopardy as well.

ONLY ROOFING provides comprehensive flat roof replacement in Woodlands and installation services to residents in Spring, TX, and its surrounding communities!

Alternative Roof Options for Flat Roofs

If you need a flat roof replacement or installation on a new flat-roof structure, there are various excellent solutions available:

1. Thermoplastic Polyolefin 

TPO stands out as an affordable yet durable and flexible material with exceptional UV radiation resistance that’s easy to own and install – perfect for use indoors where its versatility adapts easily to changing environments or climate conditions.

2. EPDM Membranes

These membranes have long been recognized for their longevity, water resistance, ease of installation, and low ongoing maintenance requirements over their lifespan.

3. Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane 

PVC offers superior fire and puncture resistance as well as puncture and tear protection; however, its cost may be more expensive compared to alternative materials.

Finding a Sufficient Flat Roof Material

Can you put shingles on a flat roof? – The selection of an optimal flat roof material depends on various considerations, including budget, desired lifespan, and specific requirements. It’s crucial to hire a professional roofing contractor in Spring TX like ONLY ROOFING. They can assess your roofing needs, and suggest the best materials and installation approach. Our knowledgeable staff offers this invaluable service. Skimping on quality or opting for DIY solutions could result in expensive repairs later.

Contact us now for a complimentary consultation to let our experienced roofing contractors guide you toward finding a solution tailored specifically for your roof!

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