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What is Roof Sheathing | Roof Sheathing Definition

Your home's roof is much more than shingles or tiles. It includes many critical components, such as roof sheathing or underlayment, but what is roof sheathing? 

'Roof sheathing' is the term used to describe the boards or panels that are spread over the roof trusses or rafters to produce a durable and level surface for the roof covering. It is commonly made of plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), or, in some instances, wooden planks. These are laid horizontally across the rafters or trusses to create a sturdy foundation for the roofing materials.

Importance of Roof Underlayment

Understanding what is roof sheathing is crucial because it provides structural support to the whole roof system. It uniformly distributes the load of the roof covering over the trusses, aiding its structural stability.

Roof sheathing serves as a protective covering in addition to providing structural support. It protects the building's interior from rain, snow, and wind. The sheathing is a barrier, preventing water intrusion and protecting the roof from weather damage.

Roof Sheathing Types

Typically, roof sheathing is of two types:

Plywood is noted for its strength and durability. It is typically constructed from thin sheets of interlinked wood planks.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB), made from wood chips and glue, is a popular alternative to plywood. It has structural solid strength and is frequently less expensive, making it a popular choice for roof sheathing. Only Roofing contractors Spring TX, recommend using plywood sheathing because of its moisture resistance and outstanding performance.


Learning what is roof sheathing is an essential component of a solid and dependable roof. However, many homeowners might need to pay more attention to its installation. The foundation assures the strength, durability, and capacity to tolerate varied weather conditions of the roof. Our roof replacement Woodlands, TX services, are completed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the roof structure. Understanding its significance and ensuring correct installation and maintenance are critical to sustaining the structural integrity of any building's roof.